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Black Cube featured in 303 Magazine

Aug 23 2017

This past Saturday, Black Cube hosted the first exhibition of a three part series, Drive-In: Personal Space. Co-curators Ruth Anne Bruno and Cortney Lane Stell, Executive Director + Chief Curator of Black Cube, presented the works of 13 Denver-based artists: Amber Cobb, Graham Eschen, Tobias Fike, Kate Gonda, Caleb Hahne, Lucas McMahon, Dmitri Obergfell, Zach Reini, Nick Silici, Gretchen Schaefer, Laura Shill, Kristen Hatgi Sink, and Mario Zoots. Each artist’s exhibition included their personal car and their relationship to their car, spanning from unmanned vehicles to accompanied performances.

Cori Anderson, writer for 303 Magazine, experienced each artist’s unique perspective on their car. “… each artist came up with a completely unique interpretation and representation, resulting in a menagerie of oddly-adorned vehicles,” commented Anderson. The exhibition took place in a vacant parking lot in the RiNo District, lit only by large-scale flood lights. This vacant lot will soon be the construction site of upscale apartments, lending plenty of space for these artists to park and showcase their artworks using their cars as the platform.

Black Cube is known for providing the public with unique experiences and opportunities to engage with contemporary art. As a nomadic art museum, Black Cube presents the work of each of the artists they partner with in a new location that is free and open to the public. With this exhibition, more than 400 people engaged with the artists and their works in a non-traditional way. “This creed seemed to serve them well this past Saturday with Drive-In, because the visitors certainly included people just walking by, unaware of the show prior to noticing the previously empty lot filled with flood lights and cars. This kind of staging – the pop-up trend – may just be the perfect way to connect new audiences with artists,” reflected Anderson in his article.

To read the full article, visit 303 Magazine. Also visit Black Cube’s website to see detailed pictures of the event