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Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver Reaches ...

Dec 11 2014

The David & Laura Merage Foundation is a proud supporter of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. In 2014, it provided funding to underwrite the admission fees for children and teens, making it free for them to attend. Since then, teen attendance has more than doubled and the museum has reworked its programming, offering more opportunities […]

An Open Letter from an Israeli Soldier

Sep 05 2014

Dear friends, In the past two months we have all been in a turbulence of violence, uncertainty, and clash of values and beliefs. After 14 years of rockets falling on civilian communities, on men, women, and children, the Israeli Government decided to act. Whether the actions were the right ones, and whether the rockets will […]

Merage Foundation Supports Those Impacted by ...

Jul 24 2014

The entire Merage Foundations organization is saddened by the continued conflict between Israel and the Islamist militant organization, Hamas, in Gaza. The loss of civilian life and the suffering of so many families, both Israelis and Palestinians, is deeply troubling. As an organization that has always supported partners who seek peaceful solutions and promote tolerance, […]

Early Learning Ventures at CGI America 2014

Jul 21 2014

ELV Program Director, Judy Williams, attended the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI America), where she collaborated with national leaders and renewed the organization’s commitment on behalf of ELV. She also reported on ELV’s status from 2013. That report details: “In 2013, Early Learning Ventures, along with its partners, committed to expanding quality child care by […]