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Colorado Public Radio Breaks News About New N...

Jul 24 2015

Denver’s Black Cube Will Bring ‘Nomadic’ Art Exhibitions To Public Spaces By Corey H. Jones  In the art world, “White Cube” is a common term for a traditional museum or gallery space, referencing those perfectly bleached walls that hold the art. “There’s something intentionally sterile about that, something intentionally pure,” said Denver curator Cortney Lane Stell. “It really oscillates between a laboratory and […]

Announcing the Launch of Black Cube, A Nomadi...

Jul 23 2015

We are proud to announce the launch of a new, nonprofit “nomadic contemporary art museum,” known as Black Cube. The goals of Black Cube are to 1) increase access to contemporary art and 2) artists’ career sustainability. Functioning without a permanent exhibition space, Black Cube is experienced primarily through site-specific pop-up art exhibitions and shops conceived by our artist fellows. Black Cube is an […]

Denver Post Covers RedLine’s 2015 Epic ...

May 13 2015

Irit Waldbaum honored at RedLine’s Epic Gala By Joanne Davidson The Denver Post When it comes to introducing an award recipient, it goes without saying that the job should be given to someone who knows that person well. Who else would share all those interesting factoids that might otherwise go unnoticed? Here’s what I mean: […]

RedLine Reach Studio Covered by Fox31 Denver

Mar 04 2015

In a segment hosted live by Dan Daru of Fox31 Denver titled “Dan’s Daily Destination,” RedLine’s Reach Studio is featured for its programs to support artists in transition. Reach Studio is a free, open and supportive arts studio space where artists in Denver’s “not exactly” homeless and in-transition community can come every Tuesday from 1-4pm to […]