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Jewish Journal Publishes Article on Moishe House Authored by Sabrina Merage

Nov 17 2014

Sabrina Merage, founder of the Sabrina Merage Foundation, authored an opinion piece, published in Jewish Journal online, that details the significance of Moishe House from her perspective – one of both a young, Jewish individual and that of a partner and investor in the organization.

An excerpt from the article:

“This is why when I was finally introduced to Moishe House, I was ready and willing to embrace it. It all happened so quickly. Three touch points simultaneously introduced me to Moishe House in different and unrelated ways, and from that moment on, I was hooked. One minute I’d never heard of the organization, and the next, I was serving on its international Board of Directors. Though I never lived in one of the over 70 (and growing) houses around the world, and I wasn’t a frequent participant in the more than 2,500 programs that are organized annually, I saw what these thousands of young adults around the world were doing, and I knew it was working. I wanted to be part of the movement.”

Read the full post on Jewish Journal online.