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Merage Foundation Tours Myopia Exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver

Apr 09 2015

20150320_144523Recently, the Merage Foundation was given a guided tour at the Museum of Contemporary Art by MCA Development Director, Michael McNeil. Currently, the MCA Denver is featuring an exhibit called Myopia, throughout the entire building. Mark Mothersbaugh, the artist featured at Myopia, is not only an artist, but is also the co-founder and singer of the band DEVO, a revolutionary band that began in 1972.  Mothersbaugh’s diverse body of work includes drawings, sculptures, photographs, videos, prints and rugs featured in a series of nine different sections.

As a result of his undiagnosed myopia (near-sightedness) as a child, Mothersbaugh struggled in school. And, when he finally was diagnosed and got his thick glasses, he saw himself as different, and “mutated” in a way. Thus, the theme of “mutant” runs through the Myopia exhibit.

There is also a theme of finding or maintaining individuality in a totally synthetic culture (much like the famous DEVO costume) as demonstrated through an old, modified accounting calculator that hooks up to monstrous instruments that he made out of pipes.

20150320_143352The David & Laura Merage Foundation Photography Gallery includes two My Little Pony artworks (as seen in the above image courtesy of the artist). The room also includes ink drawings, postcards, and memorabilia from Mark’s storage unit which contains 30+ years of his artistic brain dump. Adam Lerner, curator, received access to the storage and curated an exhibit using these pieces.

All nine sections are exclusively unique and stimulating, and we were very pleased to have the opportunity to experience such a thought-provoking exhibit.

Myopia has been extended and will now run through April 26, 2015. Admission for adults is $8, or $5 after 5:00 P.M. Children and teen admission is usually $3, but is now FREE as it is underwritten by the David & Laura Merage Foundation. Find out more at