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Equitas Travels to Bexar County

Feb 17 2017

In January, Equitas—along with Colorado partners Hassan Latif and Sean Taylor of the Second Chance Center, Commissioner Nancy Jackson of Arapahoe County, and Sue Renner of the Merage Foundations—traveled to Bexar County, Texas, where they visited The Center for Healthcare Services (CHCS) and Haven for Hope. For more than 50 years, CHCS has been improving […]

The Jonathan Merage Foundation Partnered with Hawaii Nature Center for Solar Panel Installation

Dec 27 2016

In April, Jonathan Merage visited the Hawaii Nature Center (HNC) for the first time and discovered the wonderful work they were doing with Hawaiian residents to foster a greater understanding and responsibility to the islands’ environment. Since the initial visit, the Jonathan Merage Foundation has collaborated with HNC Executive Director Jeeyun Lee and Hawaii Pacific […]

The Wings Program Ventures to the U.S.

Dec 15 2016

Just over a month ago, Adi Boblil, Division Director of Community Development and Education of Merage Foundation Israel, and Sarah Drill Fainshtain, Resource Development Coordinator, accompanied two Lone Immigrant Soldiers on their first development trip to the United States. Maria Kol Yaakov, originally from Kazakhstan, and Tony Raichler from Venezuela, ventured to the states in […]

The Jewish Journal Recognizes David Merage’s Philanthropy

Nov 21 2016

The Jewish Journal recognizes the entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit of David Merage, highlighting projects he has initiated both locally and abroad. In the article, David says, “I believe everyone has an obligation to give back to their community and especially to the Jewish community and Israel…the satisfaction one receives from giving is by itself motivation […]