About Us

Merage Foundations – Three Generations

The Merage Foundations are a consortium of grant-making and operating foundations representing three generations of David & Laura Merage’s family.


Our philanthropic investments are focused on social change and result in children, families, and communities improving the quality and circumstances of their lives. The Merage legacy demonstrates a strong commitment to their communities, their Jewish heritage, and their family. The family has a deep belief in giving back and sharing their strength and resources to improve the lives of others. The David and Laura Merage Foundation and the Andre and Katherine Merage Foundation were established in 2002, with a focus on venture philanthropy.

As we have launched the third generation of Merage foundations with the formation of the Jonathan Merage Foundation and the Sabrina Merage Foundation we see this spirit driving their organizations’ mission and values.

Venture Philanthropy

As venture philanthropists, we engage with our partners and invest our human, financial, and intellectual capital to achieve unparalleled results. The Merage Foundations’ operational platform is modeled on the successful business ventures of our founding family. Their entrepreneurial spirit and management expertise provides a clear road-map for our social investment strategy.

To leverage our organizational assets and further our mission, we utilize the following grant-making approaches in each of our investment portfolios: