Andre & Katherine Merage Foundation

Andre & Katherine Merage Foundation

The Andre & Katherine Merage Foundation will always be rooted in the values and traditions that were the basis of our family’s success. It is our family’s tradition to promote education as a means of improving life conditions and successful life outcomes, and it is that tradition that guides the investments of the foundation.

The Andre and Katherine Merage Foundation has also had significant impact supporting immigration to Israel and projects in underserved regions of Israel.


Katherine Merage

Katherine Merage is a woman of great vision and compassion. Through the Andre and Katherine Merage Foundation, Mrs. Merage and her family have launched several significant initiatives to support the future of Israel and enhance Jewish life in the United States. The primary focus of her philanthropy in Israel is the betterment and development of communities in the Negev. In order to increase the population and quality of life in this region, she supports health, education, and cultural projects. Mrs. Merage’s funding and leadership have significantly impacted the Negev, resulting in a variety of infrastructure and community improvements including the construction of Dimona’s first emergency medical treatment center.

Mrs. Merage was an early supporter of the Ayalim Association, a movement led by young adults to create villages in the Negev where college students can live and serve their communities. Her leadership has resulted in a multi-million dollar public-private venture with sustained impact. In addition to being a champion of the Negev region, Mrs. Merage is also dedicated to supporting Israeli immigrants. Through the Iranian Olim project, newcomers receive education and other assistance to adapt to Israeli society and help prepare them for a bright and productive future in their new homeland.

Thirty five years ago, Mrs. Merage, her husband Andre, and their youngest daughter left their native Iran to join their other four children who were studying in the United States. This energetic mother of five children and grandmother of eleven is passionate about young people throughout the world.