Sabrina Merage Foundation

Investing at the Intersection of Inclusivity and Innovation

Sabrina Merage founded the Sabrina Merage Foundation in 2008 with the vision of shifting political, social, and educational dialogue toward inclusivity and solidarity, toward strong and vibrant cultures that embrace the diversity of all individuals. We are an impact-driven and results-oriented organization that seeks to create grassroots, social movements that achieve real, tangible change. The team invests their time, talent, energy, and resources in realizing this goal.



To spark inclusivity between diverse cultures through education, collaboration, and social ventures partnerships. 



The foundation invests collaboratively with partner organizations to create stronger, more informed communities, facilitating the acceptance of diversity in all individuals. Large and small, domestic and international, SMF have partners with 32 unique organizations since its inception, including Clarkston, Moishe House, RedLine, and many more

Areas of Impact

  • Building Community
  • Driving Diversity
  • Empowering Women 

We understand that change comes in many forms, demanding them to be both strategic and nimble. The SMF partnership model develops creative solutions to address complex social issues by empowering local leaders to drive progress. 


Visit the Sabrina Merage Foundation website to learn more about the foundation, the innovative work of our partners, and to be informed of new initiatives and projects.