Black Cube

A Nomadic Art Museum

Black Cube is a nonprofit, experimental contemporary art museum that operates nomadically. Without the traditional boundaries of a physical building, Black Cube exists primarily through partnering with artists to commission pop-up art experiences and Art Objects specifically for our museum shop. Black Cube is an innovative, unconventional museum pursuing the most effective ways to engage audiences while supporting individual artists with critical professional guidance.

The Traditional Idea of a Museum…

On its Head

ShippingContainerUnlike stationary museums marked primarily by their architecture, Black Cube has no permanent exhibition space or collection, and is defined by the art and artists (known as fellows) that it presents and supports.

Black Cube is always evolving as it explores experimental approaches to presenting and engaging the art of today. Furthermore, by constantly changing its location, projects aspire to reach new audiences not regularly exposed to contemporary art.

Founded in 2015 by artist and philanthropist, Laura Merage, the institution upholds the belief that art is an essential part of a vibrant, just, and healthy society.​

Black Cube’s Mission

Black Cube is a nonprofit, experimental art museum that nurtures the self-sufficiency of artists and inspires people to discover and appreciate contemporary art beyond traditional white museum and gallery walls.