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What’s Happening: Black Cube

Sep 11 2018

Black Cube latest series of Pop Up Experiments, Drive-in, just finished its final installment on August 18, 2018. This experimental, contemporary art group exhibition took 37 Colorado-based artists and their own or borrowed cars as inspiration for temporary artworks to examine the multi-dimensional relationship society has with cars for one night only exhibits/performances. The initial […]

What’s Happening: ELV

Apr 18 2018

Early Learning Ventures (ELV) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to quality, affordable child care. ELV focuses its efforts on improving the quality of early child care programs offered at the nation’s center- and home-based child care facilities – 85% of which are small, independent businesses that lack infrastructure and resources to invest […]

What’s Happening: Equitas

Apr 04 2018

On March 28th and 29th, Equitas convened public defenders from across the nation to discuss best practices of diverting people who are in need of mental health services but often end up in the criminal justice system. There were over 80 people who attended the day and a half summit in Denver, Colorado with over 21 […]

Black Cube Exhibits Unearthed: Desenterrado

Mar 13 2018

Black Cube, known for pushing the envelope within the art world, is currently exhibiting work by Artist Fellow, Adriana Corral, in El Paso, Texas. Corral’s work, titled Unearthed: Desenterrado, sheds light on an important piece of American and Mexican history that is generally not discussed. On the juncture between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico, […]