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Clarkston : A Documentary About the Most Diverse Square Mile

Mar 11 2019

The Sabrina Merage Foundation is proud to announce its newest Program Related Investment with Erin Bernhardt and her film, currently titled CLARKSTON: Mother of Exiles. This powerful film follows three refugees and a former Klansman that all reside in Clarkston, Georgia as they “seek to re-establish their identities in a nation struggling with an identity crisis of its own.”  The documentary film is in post-production and “celebrates unity over division, welcome, and acceptance over fear, and power of love to heal wounds,” said Katie Couric, a recent addition to the team as executive producer

Sabrina Merage Naim, Executive Producer, and Sue Renner, Vice President of the Sabrina Merage Foundation, recently took a trip to Clarkston to meet with Bernhardt and the Clarkston team. In a very short time, they could see how much support, hope, and love had been infused in Clarkston and the film. Bernhardt has made it a priority to use the film as a vehicle for change by being cognizant of creating a crew that was representational of the film itself. “Almost every person on our team being underrepresented in the industry gave us all an immediate bond and made us all go the extra mile to prove ourselves. Another beautiful aspect is that everyone on our crew deeply cares about the issues our film addresses and are passionate about the hard work we do every day,” said Bernhardt

The social impact of the film aligns with the Sabrina Merage Foundation’s focus of empowering partners and community leaders who create paradigm shifts to spark inclusiveness between diverse societies. For Erin, this film is not about making a profit, but making a difference. “I hope this film opens millions of people’s eyes, minds, and hearts to “the other” so that they no longer fear or hate people different from them,” she said

Join the world for this ambitious release in 2020 and in the meantime, don’t forget to show your support by watching and sharing the trailer. 

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