The Equitas Project

Founded by the David & Laura Merage Foundation in 2013, The Equitas Project is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to disentangling mental health and criminal justice. Equitas envisions an America rededicated to liberty and justice for all, where there is a commonly held expectation that jails and prisons should not continue to serve as the nation’s warehouses for people with unmet mental health needs. We believe communities should promote health and freedom over punishment and confinement. 

Health, Justice, & Prosperity

Equitas collaborates with community partners to promote this mission along a community health continuum focused on childhood, health care, education, employment, housing, public safety, justice, corrections, and re-entry. We likewise partner with a team of national advisors to help inform policy change that will give us the power to move health and justice systems toward equity and fairness. The Equitas Project helps local and state communities to create shared language for advocacy, building consensus and multi-sector coalitions, and creating thoughtful recommendations for allied leaders to pass along to policy makers. 

Course Corrections Summits convene key community and sector leadership, highlight outstanding programs, and build strategic communication bridges that unite allies in disentangling mental health and criminal justice along an expanded community health continuum. These events serve to build consensus and strategic alignment, transforming community perceptions of health, justice, and effective intervention strategies for the vulnerable.