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Painting With A Purpose

Oct 15 2018


This year the associates from Consolidated Investment Group (CIG) and Merage Foundations pulled up their sleeves and picked up paint brushes for their annual Week of Service project. In collaboration with Brothers Redevelopment, Inc., nearly 40 employees over two days helped repaint Lorine Ventralle’s home and carport. Not only did the team repaint, but they also dug deep and reached high to trim and remove cottonwood debris. By helping Ms. Ventrella feel more secure and proud of her home, the CIG and Merage Foundations teams had the opportunity to give back to the community in which they live and work in. While giving back to the Littleton community was the objective, the key highlight of the experience was getting to spend time with Ms. Ventrella, who joined volunteers for coffee and small chats throughout the course of the day, sharing story’s of her time in her home and community.

Ms. Ventrella, 89, has lived in her house since 1960 and is one the many fortunate recipients to receive a home upgrade courtesy of Brothers Redevelopment, Inc and their Paint-A-Thon program. (Littleton Independent). Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. is a nonprofit located in Denver that supports low-income, elderly, and disabled residents with a variety of housing-related services. Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. finds that assisting elderly residents to improve their homes can boost morale and help people live longer, healthier and happier lives (Littleton Independent).

CIG and the Merage Foundations are happy to have had the opportunity to assist in such a meaningful and profound way.  The joy of giving back and serving others, while creating new memorable experiences outside the office, is an empowering and invigorating experience for associates. Volunteering in larger companies as a team encourages collaboration, which is a significant asset in the workplace, and helps associates to further promote the mission of the organization. 

Ms. Ventrella was recently quoted in an article by the Littleton Independent saying,  “It just does my heart good to see this old place looking so fresh again,” Ms. Ventrella said, surveying the crew’s work. “Not only that, but it’s just good having these folks here. They’re all so nice.” Volunteering does so much more than what meets the eye. It creates a bond between members of the community that may not otherwise have been forged and allows them to meet the needs of the community and its’ members. 

Learn more about Consolidated Investment Group, Merage Foundations, and Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. by following the links. Also, visit the Littleton Independent to read the full story of Ms. Ventrella’s home transformation.