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ReadLine’s Reach Studio: Provides Community with Hope

Feb 27 2020

On Tuesday, February 25th, the Parker Chronicle featured an article on organization’s providing those who are experiencing homelessness with a glimpse of hope. RedLine Contemporary Art Center, founded by artist and philanthropist Laura Merage, was highlighted for the positive impact Reach Studio has had on the downtown Denver community. On Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, RedLine invites aspiring artists to come to Reach Studio and provides them with the materials, work space, and storage space needed to comfortably create their own artwork. 

Gonzo, who first came into the studio close to a decade ago while experiencing homelessness and its’ many negative effects, is now the coordinator of Reach Studio, has sold multiple pieces, and has found stable housing. He attributes this amazing turnaround to his pursuit of an art career and has seen others experience a similar transformation. “I’ve created a whole new person,” he said. “I don’t do the things I used to do, and that’s what makes life worth living,” Gonzo told Casey Van Divier, freelance journalist. 

While many artists live near RedLine and can easily walk to Reach Studio, it likewise attracts those from afar. Artists make the trek from Arvada, Wheat Ridge, Englewood, and Thornton to be a part of RedLine’s inclusive and supportive community. Vanessa Constanti, another artist who has found success, reiterated the importance of this program. “When you’re dealing with special needs or housing insecurity, you’re never self-actualizing. You’re mired in just surviving,” she said. “This is the first time I’ve been able to have an outlet for my art. I think most of us will use the same terms: It saves your life.”

Visit RedLine to view Reach Studio’s annual exhibition, up until March 29th, and witness the amazing works of these up and coming local artists. Read the full article.