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Sabrina Merage Foundation Supports ‘The 8th’ Documentary

Jun 05 2020

The Sabrina Merage Foundation and Archer Gray have been proud supporters of the influential documentary The 8th. The film traces Ireland’s campaign to remove the 8th Amendment – a constitutional ban on abortion. The 8th shows a country’ transformation from a conservative state in thrall to the Catholic church to a more liberal secular society, including voices from both sides of the debate.

The 8th began screening at the Hots Docs Festival 2020, Digital World Premier on May 28th. Since the festival began, The 8th has remained #1 in the Hot Docs Audience Award Race. Voting for this award will be closing on Saturday, June 6th, when the festival comes to a close. Read more about the Audience Award.

The 8th documentary is an urgent narrative, a cautionary tale and a roadmap for progressive reforms in a modern era where authoritarianism is on the rise, The 8th shows a country forging a new progressive path when reproductive rights are threatened all over the world. Check out the trailer below.